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I have a swimming membership, will my membership price increase when the new development is finished?

We’ve got some exciting updates about the new facility that we’re sure you’ll love. We know how concerned you may be about the new facility’s effect on your budget, and we want to reassure you that there’s nothing to worry about. As a huge thank you for your patience and understanding during the construction process, we’re thrilled to announce that all existing supporters of swimming membership will enjoy the same monthly price they’re used to, even after the new facility is built, for the first 12 months. Yes, you read that right – no price rise to worry about for a whole year from the date of the new Filton Leisure Centre opening! This offer is only available for supporters who still have an active swimming membership at the time of the new Filton Leisure Centre opening.

We appreciate your loyalty and support, and we want to make sure that you can enjoy all the amazing new features and amenities of the new Filton Leisure Centre without breaking the bank. So get ready to swim in the pool and use the new changing facilities without any worries about your wallet. If you are interested in breaking a sweat in the fitness zones (gym/classes) and would like to upgrade your membership and take advantage of a pre-opening offer, register your interest here, and you’ll be the first to hear about the limited offer.

We can’t wait for you to experience everything the new facility has to offer, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to continue serving you at the same great swimming membership rate you’ve come to love.

Thank you for being a part of our Filton Leisure Centre – Active Nation transformation, and we’ll see you on your next visit.

Is there likely to be any disruption to lessons/swimming times?

There shouldn’t be any interruptions, but if in the unlikely event there is, this will be communicated to all Supporters through notice boards, Social Media, our new Micro Site and Text/Email.

Will there be any closures?

There are no long-term closures planned.  It may be necessary to close the Leisure Centre for a limited number of hours on a day-by-day basis to allow contractors to undertake internal works to the building but these will be communicated in advance to all Supporters through notice boards, Social Media, our new Micro Site and Text/Email.

Will there be changes to any of the facilities internally?

We have lost access to the showers and toilet facilities off poolside, however we have gained additional showers on poolside and the toilets between reception and poolside will be accessible.

With the loss of the poolside toilets, how will my child get to the toilet during their swim lesson?

Due to the location of the toilets being outside the swimming pool periphery, your child will need to be escorted by you to the toilets next to reception.  For this reason we ask you not to leave the building during their swim lesson. If your child does need assistance from you during their lesson you will be notified by a member of staff or contacted by telephone. 

Why can I not use my own cleansing products in the showers at pool side?

To ensure that everyone enjoys using the pool, it is important to keep the swimming pool pH levels in balance at all times. Because the showers are so close to the main pool there is a risk that non pH friendly products could affect the pool’s pH balance, so we have provided pH friendly products for your complimentary use. 

Will the Soft Play area and Café stay open?

Yes. In fact, have you heard about Filton’s Warm Space? Come along and read a book, attempt a puzzle or just sit in the warm and relax. All with complimentary hot drink. Every day from 10am to 3:30pm at Filton Leisure Centre, compliments of Filton Town council and Active Nation.

Where do I park if the carpark is closed?

Temporary carpark has been built for shared use on the playing field to accommodate the temporary closure of the ‘usual’ carpark by the Leisure Centre reception. There are new disabled spaces marked out at the closest point to the Leisure Centre building.

What will the access routes be once the road to the carpark is closed?

There will be clearly signed posted routes to the carpark and the Leisure Centre reception.

Will the outside lights to stay on overnight?

No, these will as per policy switch off at midnight and back on at 5am, if required, by lighting levels.

Will the courts accessible?

No, these will be closed off and there will be separate development work for them to be transformed into Multi-Use games area.

Will all other areas stay open such as the children’s play area and playing fields?


Is the defib unit to stay?

This due to refurbishment works is being relocated by Filton Town Council.

Will the Community Garden and Filton Pétanque stay open?


How long will works last?

Throughout 2023, Gantt chart to be released.

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